JTF (just the facts)

Number of Works:  20

Film:  Ilford Delta-400 Professional 120 Black & White Negative (Print) Film (ISO-400)

Process:  Black and white gelatin silver prints

Print Size:  19.5 x 19.5 inches

Paper:  Forte Elegance, Fiber Base, Glossy White-Smooth. Forte Vac, Hungary

Edition:  5

Dates Images Created:  1996-1998

Dates Printed:  1997-2000

Housed:  1 inch wide black wooden frames, unmatted

Equipment:  Hasselblad Series 500 medium-format camera, Beseler 23C enlarger

Locations:  All of the images were produced at The Cleveland Culture Gardens or Lakeview Cemetery, both located in Cleveland, Ohio


While the mechanics of the photographic process is relatively simple, the method by which artistic photographers make use of the medium is a testament to human individuality. Photographer Deborah Pinter immerses herself within a project for long periods of time until she feels she has found the best solution. Her work depicts a traditional, romantic vision of the human soul. Using an urban park as the setting for her photographs, Pinter carefully selects the places and poses of her models to best evoke particular emotions such as grief, innocence, passion, loss or emptiness. Pinter's photographs seem to have been created in another age. The subjects are meaningful, but they are also studies in black, white and gray. Details and composition are important. Although these images seem to come from a world of days gone by, they are images of Pinter's life externalizations of her inner thoughts and creative processes. 


Dominique H. Vasseur
Deputy Director & Museum Curator
Springfield Museum of Art
Springfield, OH

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